the challenge

Tampa General Hospital (TGH) is a private, 这是一家非营利性医院,位于佛罗里达州中西部,服务人口400万. One of the largest hospitals in the state, TGH is licensed for more than 1,000 beds and has an employee base of over 6,000. TGH是南佛罗里达大学莫尔萨尼医学院的主要附属机构, 300多名住院医师在医院接受多个学科的培训.

As a single-hospital entity, TGH关注的是如何在一个由大型医疗系统主导的地区保持或扩大其市场份额,这些医疗系统具有广泛的地理足迹和广阔的医生关系. 寻求继续成为坦帕湾市场不可或缺的病人服务提供者, TGH需要一个战略计划来加强其竞争地位, respond to healthcare reform, and address evolving market dynamics.

the process

与高级管理层和其他主要利益相关者紧密合作, ECG帮助TGH制定了一个5年战略计划,包括三个重点领域:

  • Enhance hospital efficiency and effectiveness
  • Expand TGH’s ambulatory and primary care base
  • Develop a regional clinically integrated network

TGH随后要求ECG参与密集的战术计划,以执行该计划的关键举措. We created detailed work plans for each initiative, laying the groundwork for TGH to improve performance under case rates and value-based payments; develop and maintain alignment with an appropriate number and mix of physicians and significantly increase the number of primary care physicians (PCPs) affiliated with TGH; develop new ambulatory centers, allowing for “one stop” access to PCPs, specialists, and a broad range of diagnostic/therapeutic services; and establish a network of preferred providers, build competencies for clinical integration, 并与支付者和健康计划建立新的关系.

the outcome

TGH领导层正在遵循执行计划,并已经完成了几个目标, 包括建立一个合作网络,以更好地定位医院的价值安排. 该组织还通过发展多专科门诊站点扩大了其地理足迹. Further, 这家医院已经改变了它原来的身份,成为一家大型医院, 这是一家复杂的教学医院,主要是为注重提高成本的地区护理系统处理高急诊病例, quality, and access.

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