Medical Group Performance Survey

Effective and efficient cost structures among hospitals and physician groups have never been more important.

Efficient cost structures are not realized through ad hoc design but rather are the product of a well-defined approach. And this approach must be informed by relevant, accurate, and actionable data.

Our medical group cost and infrastructure survey supplies participants with data, analysis, and insight related to direct and indirect overhead and general operating costs across all medical group functions and activities. The survey yields a valuable set of well-defined and consistent medical group cost and staffing benchmarks across operations, while minimizing differences in how groups are structured. In addition to aggregate medical group benchmarks, ECG reports benchmarks by service line.

Participating in ECG’s cost and infrastructure survey provides you with a number of resources to help your organization build an effective cost structure, including:

  • A performance summary report that outlines how your organization compares to benchmarks
  • Access to a customized excel reporting module which provides you access to comprehensive market statistics
  • The opportunity to identify cost savings in and across specific functional areas and service lines
  • The opportunity to participate in a members-only webinar and/or in-person conference to discuss survey results, performance trends, and best practicess

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2021 National Medical Group Cost and Infrastructure Survey

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